Insanity Part 2

What if people with schizophrenia actually are simply more in sync with or sensitive to negative vibrations in the world or with individuals or groups of people?

Let’s say for sake of argument that proposition is true. Can you imagine being in a group of people, say at work, where you congregate with the same people every day and are connected to everyone’s dark side? Can you imagine how crazy life would seem to people who have that bent?

I would imagine they would spend their time thinking people are out to get them and would be very scared of being around others because they sensed the others’ negative wavelengths. They would then probably have fits of fear disguised as rage and would probably either take themselves out of the group or would be escorted away.

Does that sound familiar to those that we know who have schizophrenia?

Author: authorjohnnation

Author of dark novels featuring evil men and women and tough heroes.

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